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End Of Life Vehicles

Fox Covert Dismantler's are members of a nationwide network of Authorised Treatment Facilities that can process and dispose of unwanted vehicles in accordance to the European legislation "the end of life directive" which came into force in 2003.

Our main aim of the directive is to reduce waste and the risk of pollution from vehicles and to promote re-use and recycling targets and that they are treated in an environmentally responsible manner. This new law not only has an impact on the vehicle manufacturers but also for the vehicle recycler and for the owner of the vehicle who will be encouraged to dispose of their unwanted vehicle in a legal responsible manner.

Fox Covert have been granted the status of Approved Treatment Facility and have made substantial investment infrastructure and depollution equipment in order to recieve and process End of Life Vehicles in accordance to the EU directive. Each vehicle will be certified as being scrapped to the DVLA via our electronic link and issues a certificate of destruction (COD)


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